Kedves Drágám Vizsla's

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Wilnis,    Nederland

(+31) 06 14697450

Registered within the Raad van Beheer Register of kennelnames under No. 267094




We (Olaf and Jessie Claire) are the proud owners of five wonderful dogs. Drágám are vizsla male, his daughter Szeret and granddaughter Dundi and Kedves (daughter of Szeret) and Megy (daughter of Dundi).

Milo (mix labrador/geat dean), Bink and Drágám (vizsla's) have passed away, we will always miss these two great whoppers!

Our dogs are our beloved pets. As a hobby, we find it very full filling to work with them. We take our dogs on gundog training courses to practice fieldwork and retrieving exercises. Occasionally we show our dogs in both the Netherlands and abroad.

We enjoy seeing our dogs ‘work’ with great passion. During training, competitions, but also during their daily walks they behave like true Vizslas.
Loyal, obedient but also adventurous, full of passion and energy.

On a small-scale base we ccasional breed a litter of vizslas. Breeding vizslas started by and with our male Drágám, a dog that performs very good on show and at work. A true dual purpose dog.

In 2010 we had our kennel officially registered under the name, 'Kedves Drágám'. Hungarian for 'My Darling'.




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