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    Bink & Drágám

DNA Profile Registered
Raad van Beheer

Crufts Qualified
For life

Stud Dogs

Drágám and Bink are approved stud dogs from the Dutch Vizsla Club, the Belgian Vizsla Club and Vizsla Club France. They are no longer available for breeding and now enjoy their retirement. However, if you are interested in a stud, offspring of our dogs, please feel free to contact us.

We continue to follow the offspring of our dogs so we have a good impression of inheritance in character, body construction and hunting qualities.

Both Drágám and Bink meet the following conditions:

Free of HD (A)
Free of Hereditary Eye diseases
Free of Longhaire Gene
Registred DNA Profile (Raad van Beheer)
Several Champion titels (Crufts qualified)

Several Work kwalifications

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