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Szeret & pups
Our dogs are our family. Breeding a litter of puppies is definitely not a must for us and the welfare of our ladies are always on the first place.

If we plan a litter this is always
thruly considered and only with an outstanding combination of parents.

We also consider it important that the mother herself is already fully grown and
has had sufficient time to mature into a stable dog before she gets a litter. In a vizsla this may take much longer than the minimum two years the vizsla association sets!

If a bitch get
s a litter then we continue to follow the puppies during their growth and development among others to evaluate their character, construction and health. If the puppies meet our expectations, we consider a second litter of the bitch.





Our goal in breeding Vizslas is to produce dogs with excellent character, good hunting qualities and proper construction conform to the breed’s standard. The Vizsla was originally bred for hunting and we find it important that these qualities aren’t lost in this breed. Correct bones, joints, angulations and muscular structure contribute to the dog’s ability to move quickly, athletic, strong and for long periods of time.

Parental Selection
We set high standards for the dogs that we use for breeding.
Any combination parent is carefully selected and have already proven themselves in various areas (health, character and work). We strive for excellence in both pups character, health , appearance and working qualities. Naturally, all puppies get a pedigree and we breed according to the rules of the Raad van Beheer op kynologisch gebied and the Dutch vizsla association. We set even higher standards from the parents then the rules require.

The Puppy at the Breeder
The pups are home reared in a stimulus-rich environment so they can develop into stable, happy and curious dogs. Much is done to socialize the puppies as expected from a responsible breeder.

Besides an optimal care of the mother dog and puppies, the new owners will be informed about issues concerning their future puppy. Even after your puppy is at your home we will be happy to assist counsel. Every effort is made to give the puppies the best start of life.

The Puppy at your Home
The new owners are expected to take over this task. To further raising and socialiazing the puppy so that it stays a stable and healthy dog.
Our puppies are only placed with owners who have the time to daily excersise and mentally challange them to keep them healthy. This can take the form of hunting(training), but also agility and other team sports are possibilities to be active with the dog. Naturally we can inform you about the possibilities.


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