Kedves Drágám Vizsla's

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> Father: Eddy vom Dannenkamp
> Mother: Ned. & Int.Kamp Vitorás, NJK '10, Belg.Kamp, Int.Show Kamp.
> Birthdate: 26 april 2015
> Wither height: 56 cm

Health results
* HD A,
Norberg waarde: 30, Botafwijking:0
Hereditary eye diseases incl. gonioscopy: Free
DNA Genotype Longhair-gene: K/K (Free)

Working trials

* KNJV C diploma 20-08-2016

Show Results
NL Rijnland, 20/03/'16: 1ste VG
NL Utrecht, 09/04/'16: 2de Exc
NL Vizsladag, 28/05/'16: Exc

Kedves Drágám Hamupipöke

Kedves is a daughter of our Szeret and Samesz. As a father we were looking for a somewhat 'tougher' dog of character, one that does not quickly recoil from rain or when you raise your voice once. You can't drive Samesz crazy. And his daughter Kedves.

Of character she is stubborn, curious, intelligent, very social and she has an unprecedented patience. It is our 'coconut'; rough and hard on the outside, but sweet on the inside.
It is a challenge to work with her and a pleasure to have her.



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