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> Father: Felegyhazi-Aranyos Hunor
> Mother: Nl Champ. Csobi v.d. Achthoevenslag
> Birth date: 03 april 2004 -29 march 2019
> Wither height: 63 cm.

* Champion International d'Exposition - CIE
* Champion International de Beauté - CIB
* Dutch Champion
* Champion de Luxembourgh
* Belgian Champion
* Deutscher Champion (VDH)
* Dutch veteran Champion
* Belgian Winner 2009
* Best Male (BOS) Clubmatch '09
* Rheinlandsieger '11
* Crufts Qualified for life
* Qualified for FCI Champ. of Champ. Brussel '11

Health results
* HD A
, Norberg waarde:36, Botafwijking:0
* Hereditary eye diseases incl. gonioscopy: Free
* DNA Genotype Longhair-gene: K/K (Free)

Fieldwork qualifications
* 2nd VG
Amateurs, 27/08/2010 Perwez, Belgium

Working trials
* TAN Belgian Vizsla Club 21/08/'10
* Jachthondentrainingsgroep 'De Utrechtse", 18/08/'09: Certificat Level 3
* Jachthondentrainingsgroep 'De Utrechtse", 18/09/'10: Certificat Level 3
* Jachthondentrainingsgroep 'De Utrechtse", 01/10/'11: Certificat Level 3

Show results
NL Uden, 23/06/'12: 1st Ex, CAC, BOS
NL Tilburg, 10/06/'12: 1st Ex, Vet CAC
NL Bennekom, 03/06/'12: 1st Ex, Vet CAC, 1st group Veteran
DE Dortmund, 13/05/'12: 1st Ex, Res CACIB/CAC
DE Dortmund, 14/10/'11: 2nd VG
DE Dortmund, 15/10/'11: 1st VG
BE Genk, 27/06/'11: 1st Ex, BOB, CAC/CACIB
DE Dortmund, 07/05/'11: 1st Ex, CAC/Res CACIB
BE Hoogstraten, 26/02/'11: 1ste VG
DE Rheinberg, 13/02/'11: 1st Ex, BOB, CAC/CACIB
Genk, 16/01/'11: 1st Ex, Res CAC
Luxembourgh 05/09/'10: 2nd Ex, Res CACIB
BE Luik, 24/07/'10: 1st Ex, Res CACIB
DE Lingen, 24/04/'10: 2nd Ex, VDH
LUX Luxembourgh, 27/03/'10: 1ste Ex, CACL/Res CACIB
Brussel, 12/12/'09: 1st Ex, BOB CAC/CACIB
NL Hoenderloo, KCM, 13/09/'09, BOS.
Amiens, 03/05/'09: 1st Ex
Goes, 25/04/'09: 1st Ex, BOB, CAC/CACIB, 5th Group 7
NL Leiden, 15/03/'09: 1st Ex, BOB, CAC/CACIB
BE Charleroi 11/10/'08: 1st Ex, Res CAC/Res CACIB

Dutch, Luxembourgh, Belgian, German, International show, International beauty, Dutch veteran Champion

Bink v.d. Achthoevenslag

Bink is a very confident and enthusiastic dog with a huge passion for retrieving. He is very obedient and energetic which makes it great to work with him. Bink is our Alfa dog and does a great job at it.

In 2008 we started training Bink for the retrieving of game. Although he didn’t come into contact with game in his first 3 years of life he has surprised us with his qualities. With great passion, he retrieves game, dummies and tennis balls. In 2010 he has gained a second place VG qualification at a fieldwork competition.

The first show in which we presented Bink was in 2008 in Charleroi, Belgium. He did very well and competed with our other Vizsla Drágám. Bink gained ‘1st Excellent’ and Res CAC/CACIB. We discovered that Bink loved all the attention in the ring and we have decided to show him more often. With only 3 shows in the Netherlands he has gained the titel of Netherlands Beauty Champion. He has also gained the titel of Champion de Luxembourgh and Belgian Winner '09. Shortly thereafter he gained the title of Belgian, German, International Show, International Beauty and Dutch veteran Champion.

Drágám is father and grandfather of great offspring.


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DNA Profile Registered
Raad van Beheer

Crufts Qualified
For life

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